Who is Action Prone?

OK, we're more than a little obsessed. We live and breath action and adventure!

Scuba diving...? Check!

Mountain biking...? You bet!

Sky diving...? Love it!

Backpacking...? Every chance we get :)

Alright, we're not going to list all of them here, because we really can't. We're exploring new and exciting things all of the time!

When it comes down to it, we are microscopic as far as businesses go. Action Prone was launched in the back bedroom of Greg Kjono's house.  It started with scuba lessens, and it's slowly been evolving from there.

So, what else can we do you for you...?

Well, we can dress you like a bad ass for starters! Action Prone recently launched it's own private label clothing line so that we can all express our inner passions. You can check them out over here!

We love to share our awesome experiences with other adventurers and thrill seekers. Keep an eye on our events calendar for an adventure that you want to get in on, and any training events that we currently have scheduled.

If we find a product we like, we share them with you in our online store. Take a peek and see if there's something we offer to enhance your next adventure!

Lastly is our "Adventure Documentation Services". Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal photographer/videographer come along on your adventures to professionally capture the excitement? Our adventure documentation specialists have a passion for adventure, and an eye that will impress. You will have full reproduction rights to all of the finished media so you can make as many copies as you like, share them with your friends and family, or even sell them if you like.